Public Safety Plans

Plan shown: $84.3M People's Budget by Black Visions, Reclaim the Block, Take Action MN, Jewish Community Action, Inquilinxs Unidxs, Reviving Sisterhood, Outfront MN, Violence Free MN, SWOP Mpls, Navigate MN and others


What solutions reduce the risk of someone being harmed, or help them heal?

[+] Find and Build Housing - $30.0M
[+] Direct economic relief - $10.0M
[+] Street outreach for violence prevention - $6.5M
[+] Free childcare - $5.0M
[+] Black artist & culture fund - $5.0M
[+] 24/7 Mental Health Teams - $4.5M
[+] Mutual aid sites - $4.5M
[+] Build safer streets - $2.5M
[+] Report-only calls to 311 - $2.5M
[+] Trauma counselors - $1.0M
[+] Cultural-specific mental health - $1.0M
[+] Cultural-specific drop-in - $1.0M
[+] Indigenous culture, healing & art - $1.0M
[+] Expand Immigrant & Refugee Affairs - $750.0K
[+] Art & trauma healing space - $750.0K
[+] Worker-owned strip club co-op - $700.0K
[+] Domestic Abuse Transformation - $650.0K
[+] Worker's rights outreach - $600.0K
[+] Indigenous traditional healing - $500.0K
[+] Harm reduction supplies - $500.0K
[+] Seward Longfellow Restorative Justice - $500.0K
[+] Participatory budgeting - $500.0K
[+] Participatory planning - $500.0K
[+] Community visioning - $500.0K
[+] Community healing modalities - $500.0K
[+] George Floyd Square - $500.0K
[+] New neighborhood restorative justice programs - $450.0K
[+] Public health education - $300.0K
[+] Mobile outreach & medicine - $250.0K
[+] Little Earth safety - $200.0K
[+] Sex worker taskforce - $200.0K
[+] Previously-incarcerated sex workers - $200.0K
[+] Services for youth in sex trades - $200.0K
[+] Safe consumption sites - $150.0K
[+] Grassroots harm reduction - $100.0K
[+] Sex work/neighborhood mediation - $100.0K
[+] Restore Health Dept cuts - $90.0K
[+] Sex worker community center - $50.0K
[+] Survivors of domestic/sexual violence - $30.0K
[+] Multilingual pandemic materials - $5.0K


What are some of the root causes of risk/unsafety to people in Minneapolis?

Covid-19 pandemic
Mental health care
Physical health care
Unsafe streets
Worker exploitation
Domestic & sexual violence
Street violence
Care for victims of harm
Housing access
Police violence
Substance use & overdose prevention
Global displacement
About this visualization

This experiment follows the question: what if we started by understanding the harms and risks that people in Minneapolis face, and then proposed public safety policy proposals that addressed those harms? I'm a visual thinker, so I wanted to see plans like the People's Budget or Safety For All mapped out and related to the harms they hope to address.

I took some liberties with shorter names for certain proposals, and major liberty in describing the harms these proposals address. For example: racism/white supremacy shapes many of the root harms listed here, but I've so far linked it to relatively few mitigations. I could list patriarchy and link to many harms here. My goal is to suggest thinking about the root harms that should motivate our public safety policies, not to suggest an end to that thinking. If the harms listed here are incomplete or inaccurate, that's my fault, not the original authors. This is 100% an independent project.

What would it look like if residents described the harms they face, and ideas for solutions that mitigate those harms? A future version of this experiment could allow visitors to modify and safe their own safety plans.